Photo with a huge UFO near the Sun struck Network

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Photo with a huge UFO near the Sun struck Network

Recently, astronomers have repeatedly noticed strange objects near the Sun, and could not explain the nature of their origin, as well as the way in which they manage to remain unharmed in the immediate vicinity of the incredibly red-hot giant star. A similar riddle was posed to researchers and Internet thinkers a few days ago, when something again made itself known near the same star. At the same time, an unidentified body, captured on camera by one of the vehicles of the National Space Agency, was larger than our planet. Such a remarkable turn of events gave rise to many questions, and alternative scientists and people who are capable of giving out several versions having a very rational format are now trying to answer them.

In the photo provided by ufologists, an oblong object is clearly visible near the Sun, not resembling a planet or a star. Many have already remembered the late Stephen Hawking, who often published his conclusions about similar events. The physicist argued that unidentified flying objects, appearing near a huge star and being, apparently, man-made, would be considered spacecraft of alien production. As the scientist supposed, the aliens could well fill their vehicles with sunlight. The theory of the famous researcher was never confirmed, but many UFO organizations still believe in it.

As for the adherents of the classic mindset, they have a completely different opinion on this matter. Skeptical users of the Global Web call a strange object on a fresh NASA photo a regular film marriage. Someone from the bottom sure that the camera has recorded a simple phenomenon, which is incredibly much of a solar surface. Other opponents of extraordinary thinking started talking about the good old photoshop, suggesting that the author of the photo just decided to become famous a little and got a UFO near the Sun not by the most honest method. And even those who treat ufology with less pitiness of contempt strongly doubt that the so-called "green men" would create such huge flying ships, since it would take too much time and they are just uncomfortable.

Mysterious occurrences have been observed around the Sun for a long time, but in 2018 such events began to be described in the press especially often, and the most memorable anomaly of this type was discovered in early April. Then the space mystery hunters stumbled upon an object that had the shape of an angel. Among other things, experts admitted that they have seen this before. According to them, the strange "guest" of the Sun has been appearing at the same place for the past six years. It is noteworthy that at about the same time the object of the angelic form was noticed from the International Space Station. At the moment, researchers can not say exactly how this can be formed, but ufologists are almost sure that this phenomenon can be not only created by someone, but also alive.