Researchers: Leonardo da Vinci portrayed aliens in his paintings

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Researchers: Leonardo da Vinci portrayed aliens in his paintings

American researchers studying the life of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci came to the conclusion that the Italian genius repeatedly came into contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, which to some extent affected his great and fruitful work.

The artist, scientist, inventor, writer, musical figure, the brightest and many-sided person of the High Renaissance, Leonardo di Ser Piero da Vinci forever inscribed his name in world history. This man is still an insoluble riddle for mankind, legends about him are alive as never before. Where did he get inspiration and ideas from? Did he have any helpers?

Researchers from the United States conducted a detailed analysis of the work of da Vinci and found on some of them images of spaceships and the aliens themselves. From here they concluded: the Italian spoke with aliens, which was reflected in his activities. Extraterrestrial images of Leonardo are hidden, so that an ordinary person is unlikely to notice this, so experts had to use a secret code to see what they saw.

An example is the famous painting “The Adoration of the Magi” painted in the 80s of the 15th century. It depicts the Virgin Mary with the newborn Jesus Christ surrounded by a crowd of pilgrims. In the background you can see the ruined palace or the temple. Researchers believe that this work just refers to aliens. In addition, attention was drawn to strange images behind the same Blessed Virgin Mary, still very young Jesus Christ and John the Baptist, as well as an angel in the image of a beautiful girl with wings in the painting "Madonna in the Rocks".