Researchers told why “Zone 51” might need a 100-meter tower

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Researchers told why “Zone 51” might need a 100-meter tower

The American military base in Nevada, which is known to everyone as "Area 51", has long attracted conspiracy theorists, and this should not be surprising, because there, according to rumors, are alien spacecraft crashing on our planet, like the bodies of the aliens themselves. The famous complex is full of mysteries, which are incredibly difficult to solve, and one of the biggest secrets is connected with the tower located in the corresponding territory. The strange construction was noticed by alternative ufologists only due to spacecraft taking pictures of different points of the Earth. At the same time a few years ago nobody knew about this tower, apart from, of course, those who are directly related to the base. Today, ufologists have started talking about a far from new discovery, once again making several assumptions about this.

In particular, the researchers tried to understand what function it can perform. As it is known, it is impossible to get this information from the representatives of the “Zone 51” themselves, because the unit is secret, and it is strictly forbidden for anyone to enter it. In addition, even airplanes over this place can not fly, because automatic missiles will shoot down them.

We are talking about a very high tower, which has the shape of a triangle and resembles a skyscraper with a bunch of floors. The mysterious object is located on something round, and its approximate height is one hundred meters. At least, this is what independent experts have determined. Its coordinates are 37 ° 14'46.9 "N 115 ° 49'24.2" W.

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According to researchers, the mysterious tower, perhaps, is a means of communication with representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. It's no secret that ufologists have long been saying that the government of the United States of America is in contact with aliens, and at the same time, of course, keeps such information away from the public. Some researchers think that you can teleport objects or even people from the tower.

Before, extraordinary thinkers have repeatedly convicted the Pentagon of creating an invention, through whose work it is possible to fall outside of our planet in a matter of seconds. Others are confident that the building was erected specifically to observe the aircraft created by the local military on the basis of "flying saucers" of alien production.

However, there were those who did not consider a tall object to be real. More skeptical thinkers see him as a hologram. Not really, however, it is clear why she is needed by Zone 51. The following people called the tower the fruit of working with Photoshop, although this version seems to be really ill-considered, since it is always present on the map created by spacecraft.

It should be noted that it will be almost impossible to find out the exact purpose of the tower, unless the base employees themselves tell about it, which is unlikely to happen.

According to the official version, in the "Zone 51" new military aircraft are being developed and stored. Conspiracyologists, in turn, are confident that if this were so, then it would not be so carefully guarded.

Riddles of "Zone 51"

Despite the fact that representatives of the base in Nevada never agreed with the hypotheses of ufologists, some specialists, who once worked within its walls and then were dismissed from there, say that strange things are really happening there.

Researcher Robert Lazar, for example, well remembers how in the complex he had to work with saucer-shaped drawings, and the man personally saw the corrupted “flying saucers”. Moreover, the scientist does not exclude that the bodies of the dead aliens were kept in one of the premises of the base, even though they never came across his eyes.

Lazar also said that some of his colleagues, who also worked in “Zone 51”, told about their meetings with the “green men”, but only the dead.

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