Residents of the US state of New Jersey videotaped two luminous UFOs

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Residents of the US state of New Jersey videotaped two luminous UFOs

In the US state of New Jersey, locals noticed two suspicious balls in the sky that glowed brightly. UFOs were recorded on a video camera, and the plot was later posted on the Internet.

This event took place in the town of Paulsboro, when time was already approaching night, and the sky was obscured by darkness. People just enjoyed the dark June evening, being in the back yard of the house, when in the sky two objects of rounded shape, which can be compared with ball lightning, attracted their attention. However, the weather was excellent, so lightning could not have arisen. At the same time, UFOs did not just hang motionless in the sky, but made movements, albeit not very actively.

The phenomena in the sky continued to remain for a long time: after half an hour, an eyewitness again armed himself with a camera to show that the UFO was still in place. Communicating with each other during the shooting, eyewitnesses could not explain the nature of what was happening. Still, after some time, one of the objects disappeared, and then the second did the same.

The author of the video said that over the past five years he has observed such objects 5-7 times, so he was not very surprised by the next "date". Ufologists believe that alien ships circled over Palsboro, who were interested in something by a tiny American town with a population of 6 thousand. In general, experts calculated that the United States is the most visited country by aliens, so for residents of the United States it is slowly starting to become commonplace.