Robbie Williams has posted on Instagram an advertisement for his UFO film.

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Robbie Williams has posted on Instagram an advertisement for his UFO film.

The famous British singer Robbie Williams has long been telling people about how he had to deal with representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, and once the artist was almost crushed by one of their spaceships. Against the background of frequent encounters with aliens, the performer even wanted to make his own documentary about all this, in which he would not only tell about mysterious events from his life, but also try to find "green men". Not so long ago on the pop star page on Instagram appeared an advertisement for the upcoming tape, from which subscribers guessed that their idol decided to seriously search for humanoids. As the artist himself said, "it's time to become a real UFO hunter."

Last month, Robbie stunned his fans with a statement about the imminent release of Hunt For The Skinwalker, proving that the stories about aliens that were told to them were not only true, but also prompted him to make a film. Now fans know for sure that the star of the music scene has decided to go into adulthood ufology. In the teaser of the remarkable video, Williams is broadcasting his incredible desire to meet the newcomers again and find out on which planets they inhabit. Among other things, the singer declared himself a representative of ufological activity. As you know, the former vocalist Take That believes in the existence of alien life for a long time, and precisely because he has seen them more than once.

Previously, Robbie gave a new interview, once again telling what happened to him in 2008. According to the artist, a huge "flying saucer" hung right above his head. The alien vessel was so low that you could have thrown a tennis ball to it. After that incident, Williams finally became convinced that we were not alone in the universe.

“It’s even difficult to explain everything that I happened to encounter once. The saucer-shaped aircraft appeared right above me and turned out to be extremely close. If then I had a tennis ball in my hands, I could easily send it to that unidentified flying of the object. And the most interesting thing is that I didn’t drink at all that day. I was sober then more than ever. Therefore, I can absolutely tell you that I witnessed the flight of an alien flying ship, "the musician gave in a frank conversation with the press .

The title of the filming series, Robbie, refers to the legendary Skinwalker farm located in Utah, United States of America. In this place, aliens are especially intense. It is also known that for unknown reasons, livestock undergo mutations. In addition, according to legend, on the mysterious land can be found and werewolves, which represent a great danger to local residents. Stories related to this site also touch on the topic of ghosts. The name of the ranch is closely related to the legend of the Indians. Skinwalker was called the most evil werewolf.