Roscosmos: Ilon Mask steals the ideas of Soviet inventors

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Roscosmos: Ilon Mask steals the ideas of Soviet inventors

The deputy general director of the head scientific institute "Roscosmos" of TsNIIMash, the outstanding Russian designer Alexander Medvedev questioned the genius of Ilona Mask. According to him, the North American inventor only uses the ideas of Soviet craftsmen in the development of their own spacecraft.

Medvedev admitted that it is difficult for him to resist in order not to be ironic about this, because even absolutely rocket-dynamic and parachute schemes were created precisely in the Soviet Union, and then the Americans successfully used these ideas for their products.

"What Musk realized was many decades ago reviewed and proposed by our Russian scientists, engineers and designers," an experienced specialist said during a speech at a scientific conference held in the Russian capital the day before.

Ilona Mask already has a lot of high-quality inventions, which even state organizations use, but he does not plan to stop there. Two years ago, the head of SpaceX spoke about his ambitious plans to colonize Mars. The billionaire's words are impressive: a special super-heavy type rocket and thousands of reusable high-speed ships will be created, with the help of which about a million people will be living the Red Planet by the end of this century. In the future, the inhabitants of the Martian expanses may become much larger, which will save humanity from complete destruction as a result of a global catastrophe, which may fall upon the Earth someday.