RSC Energia is ready to offer tourists flyby the moon

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RSC Energia is ready to offer tourists flyby the moon

Russian corporation "Energy", working in the rocket and space industry, after the American company SpaceX is preparing to offer tourists an exciting flight over the moon. A source told reporters that the corporation has been developing a mission to fly around an Earth satellite aboard the Soyuz for several years.

But now, when there has been a revision of the economic requirements for the project, using this service will cost $ 30 million more than what was originally stated.

The interviewee said that originally the Russian corporation "Energy" and the American space tourism operator Space Adventures appeared on the commercial market, offering a service to fly around a natural satellite of the Earth. The cost of space on the ship was then set at 150 million dollars. Demand was very low, so we decided to cut the price of the ticket to 120 million.

It is also noted that prices have increased significantly, not only on the flight to the moon, but also to orbit. Earlier, the cost of shipping an astronaut to the International Space Station ranged from 20 million US dollars, but now it costs about 82 million. We have to give more money and space tourists. So, the first tourist in the history – businessman Dennis Tito paid 20 million, but the British singer Sarah Brightman needed to fork out 52 million, although her flight into space did not take place.

It is planned that the Soyuz MS ship will deliver the Soyuz-2 rocket into orbit, which will be launched from the Baikonur launch site. And from the "Vostochny", the upper stage DM will be launched with another sealed compartment. Then the Soyuz and the DM block will dock in orbit and begin to move toward the moon. The expedition will last about seven days. The distance from the ship to the lunar surface will be several hundred kilometers.

Last year, Vladimir Solntsev, then head of the RSC Energia, reported that several people applied to the corporation, who paid $ 120 million for a ticket to fly around an earth satellite. He said then that the implementation of such a flight will be possible in the years 2021-2022. It is worth noting that it took half a billion dollars to upgrade the ship "Soyuz" under the journey to the moon.

A few years ago, the North American company SpaceX announced that at the end of 2018, it would fly around the moon on the spacecraft Dragon 2 with two tourists on board. Last week it was announced that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maedzawa would be the first passenger of the Big Falcon Rocket system. Ilon Mask said that the flight will take four to five days, but it didn’t specify when exactly this will happen. Regarding the timing, he shared the information with Maezawa himself, who said that, most likely, this will come true in 2023. Also, the amount that the Asian had to pay is still unknown.