Russian expert told when a clash with Nibiru

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Russian expert told when a clash with Nibiru

An experienced historian, one of the most respected specialists at Moscow State University, Helium Kleimenov talked with reporters about the planet Nibiru, which has been mentioned quite often in news reports recently. The scientist does not exclude the existence of such a space object, but the collision with the Earth, if it is provided for by fate at all, will not happen very soon.

Among conspiracy theorists and ufologists, they only say that on August 16, Planet X will approach Earth as close as possible and provoke an “end of the world”. Kleimenov replied that nothing terrible would happen that day, and those who are really afraid can breathe out without a doubt. According to the expert, if Nibiru really were such a large body, as they say, and even somewhere in the solar system, then astronomers would have long known about its existence. In the meantime, experts do not observe anything like this.

Nevertheless, the professor believes, this can happen. According to his forecasts, this will happen no earlier than in 12 thousand years. One must think that by the time Nibiru nevertheless inflicts a mortal blow on our planet, people will already find a way to continue to exist on other objects of the Universe.