Scary clouds appear in the USA

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Scary clouds appear in the USA

Nowadays, on the Blue Planet, a variety of anomalies make themselves known, the reasons for the occurrence of which are trying to figure out both traditional scientists and researchers on paranormal events. However, no one can give any clear answers to the mysterious questions on either side, and the incidents that startling and frightening earthlings continue to occur. This time they were puzzled by strange clouds that appeared over Nebraska. Previously, this has already been seen more than once in other countries, but on June 13, the skies over the US state were especially terrible.

According to local guards, they had never seen anything like it before, and therefore they were very scared. Many rumors have also appeared on the Internet related to the nature of the origin of unusual clouds. However, according to experts on such events, an abnormal phenomenon does not pose any danger to residents of the state.

Some regulars on the Web, in turn, are convinced that the new climate-friendly weapons created by the United States, having HAARP in Alaska, or Russia, which most likely also has something similar in their assets, can be blamed. As you know, recently began to talk about the Chinese development of a similar orientation. According to rumors, the complex is going to Hainan and may be even more serious than the American version. By the way, many witnesses to the terrible phenomenon can influence such a climatic creation, it is only possible for the mentality of religious Americans who believe in all sorts of signs.

Other Internet thinkers see in mysterious clouds a warning from nature, hinting at global change in North America. Among other things, users with this point of view believe that the climate will not change for the better.

Some adhere to the theory of intelligent clouds. It is no secret that this phenomenon has long been quoted by alternative scientists. As you know, in such cases, strange patterns appear in the sky, forcing people to mistakenly assume that the mind is present in it.