Scientists explain the strange warming of the moon that occurred in the 70s

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Scientists explain the strange warming of the moon that occurred in the 70s

According to the Western publication Science Alert, specialists from Texas Tech University (USA) were able to uncover the secret of some warming of the Earth’s natural satellite, which occurred between 1971 and 1978. As it turned out, the reason lies in the activities of American astronauts, "visiting" on the moon as part of the legendary Apollo manned expedition series.

During the Apollon-15 and Apollo-17 missions, astronauts made holes 2.3 meters deep in the surface, where they installed special devices designed to monitor the temperature. The measurements were carried out from 1971 to 1978, and the obtained data then went to gather dust on the shelves of the archive, but only the part that covers the period until December 1974.

Eight years ago, documents were found at the Washington National Registration Center that contained temperature research information from April to June 1975. In addition, some information was discovered in Houston, Texas until 1977. Studying the records gave a clear understanding that the increase in temperature on the Earth's satellite continued until the very last moment of research there. It is noteworthy that heat was concentrated for the most part near the surface, and this indicates that the source was located on the surface.

This phenomenon has remained a mystery for a long time, but now scientists seem to have figured it out. Astronauts just became a cause of warming: under the influence of heavy equipment and boots, the upper layer of regolith received some damage, and sunlight began to enter the formed bald spots, which reached the darker layers. As a result, the reflectivity of the lunar surface weakened, which led to heating of the surface by about two degrees Celsius.

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