Scientists have clarified the age of the moon

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Scientists have clarified the age of the moon

Experts from the University of California (USA) announced updated data on the age of the natural satellite of our planet, which amounted to 4.51 billion years. The study used zirconium samples obtained by American astronauts back in 1971 during one of NASA's Apollo manned expeditions.

Zirconium was formed on the Moon as a result of solidification of magma on the surface, and there it remained for millions of years, and the special specificity of the material protected this mineral from all kinds of precipitation. Therefore, mankind was able to get zirconium in exactly the form in which it appeared.

Scientists emphasize that it will not be possible to determine the exact age of the earth's satellite, so the error can be more than 10 million years.

Among other things, the very question of the origin of the moon is an occasion for lively discussions in the camp of specialists. There are several versions, the main one says: The moon was once part of the Earth, but as a result of a collision with a wandering massive body, separation occurred. This piece retired millions of kilometers and after some time acquired the status of the only satellite. According to another theory, the Moon used to be an asteroid that fell under the powerful gravity of our planet and could not get out of its influence.

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