Scientists have discovered the secret of the "moon disease", because of which American astronauts are dying

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Scientists have discovered the secret of the "moon disease", because of which American astronauts are dying

Michael Delp, a specialist from the University of Florida (USA), noticed a certain regularity in the causes of death of the participants in the legendary Apollo mission, within which they either flew around the earth satellite or landed on its surface. It turns out that 43% of astronauts died from a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Is it an accident? A test was carried out, which showed that participants in the series of flights to the Moon died of heart and vessel problems five times more often than other astronauts of the American Space Agency and those workers who never went into space.

It is known that, being on the surface of the moon, astronauts fainted from time to time. Delp and his assistants decided to identify the reason for this, and they succeeded. The study showed that in space, veins and arteries are not able to normally narrow and expand, causing a rush of blood to the brain and interruptions in oxygen supply.

An article about this was published in the popular publication Scientific Reports. It says that Michael Delp was able to uncover the frightening secret of the "lunar illness", because of which the "Apollons" die.

During the observation of the health of astronauts, experts concluded that the problems described above could have been triggered by space radiation, which tirelessly attacked American ships during long-distance flights to the Moon and back. Even now, when half a century has passed and technology has advanced significantly, space radiation is one of the main obstacles in interplanetary travel. Scientists have still not figured out how to protect the equipment and crew from the destructive cosmic rays 100%.

In order to confirm his guesses, Delp conducted an experiment which consisted in the following: laboratory mice were placed in the same conditions as the astronauts were in while flying to an earth satellite. After six months, rodents were diagnosed with problems with the cardiovascular system.

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