Scientists have discovered tunnels tens of kilometers long on the moon

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Scientists have discovered tunnels tens of kilometers long on the moon

Even ten years ago, huge holes were discovered on the surface of the earth's satellite. Japanese researchers decided to figure out what is hidden in these strange formations. After lengthy scientific work, experts concluded that holes lead into deep and long tunnels.

In their research, scientists used data obtained by a Japanese-made spacecraft Kaguya and the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory program. It turned out that the studied holes represent a kind of entrances to deep tunnels.

The nature of the resulting voids has not yet been established, but, most likely, the reason lies in natural processes. A similar thing happens on our planet: the lava that originally occupied a large space cools down and decreases in volume, as a result of which there is nothing occupied space.

Experts do not exclude that the discovered tunnels can be used in the construction of the first lunar bases, which mankind has been dreaming of for a long time. The construction of bases precisely inside the tunnels will help to solve a number of critical tasks, including with regards to protection from cosmic radiation and extreme temperatures. On the surface, the same thing will be problematic for the reason that the moon is devoid of a magnetic field and there is practically no atmosphere.

Japanese experts presented their ideas and results of the work done at the Lunar and Planetary Science conference, which was held in the USA. Scientists believe that the length of the lunar tunnels can be tens of kilometers. It is planned to continue studying in this direction in order to get accurate information about where these mysterious tunnels lead all the same.