Scientists: Invisible asteroids threaten the lives of millions of people

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Scientists: Invisible asteroids threaten the lives of millions of people

Dr. Detlef Koshny, a specialist at the European Space Agency, talked to reporters about today's hot topics. So, the expert noted, the Earth is in great danger emanating from fairly large asteroids, which nevertheless are able to bypass detection systems. In general, the specialist admitted that our planet is not ready for attacks by invisible asteroids, and the population simply will not have time to get to safe locations in the event of an impending catastrophe.

Technologies for detecting space objects that can damage the Earth are developing, but at this stage, humanity is in a very vulnerable position. This is evidenced by the facts: out of a hundred potentially dangerous asteroids, whose diameter is 0.6 miles or less, astronomers are able to record only one, and the signal arrives several hours before a direct collision. But celestial bodies of this size may well destroy territory comparable to a European state.

“If an asteroid with a size of at least 100 meters reaches a planet’s surface, a country like, say, Germany will be completely destroyed. Even the nearby territories of other states will suffer,” said the frightening words of Koshna.

The expert cited the legendary Tunguska incident of 1908 as an example, when the Siberian hinterland felt the incredible power of a space attack. Koshny noted that the diameter of the fallen object did not exceed 40 meters, while the explosion turned out to be very powerful, comparable to 185 atomic bombs, which in 1945 arranged the Apocalypse in the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It is terrible to imagine the possible extent of destruction, then fall an asteroid into a densely populated city.

This is truly an acute problem that concerns every inhabitant of our planet, and governments are well aware of this. Therefore, last month the report of the National Council on Science and Technology of the United States of America was published, which clearly spelled out the need to improve technology and expand the ability to detect potentially dangerous space objects. Specifically, experts see a solution, for example, in increasing the number of powerful telescopes, as well as in creating a global network for tracking asteroids in low Earth orbit.