Scientists marvel at the power of a past magnetic storm.

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Scientists marvel at the power of a past magnetic storm.

On Tuesday, May 14, a magnetic storm struck the Earth, and its power exceeded all expectations of specialists. Information about this is on the official Internet portal of the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun, Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

The publication states that the planetary event was predicted, but scientists believed that its strength would not exceed the first level on a 5-point scale for estimating the power of magnetic storms. But the reality struck them.

With such a plan, events are extremely dangerous not only for meteo-dependent people who may face malaise and other health troubles, but also for orbital technology, since there is a significant risk of its failure. Nevertheless, the state corporation Roscosmos reported that the Russian satellites had successfully survived the storm, no damage was found.

The magnetic storm began at 7 am the ISS and immediately, despite the experts' forecasts, showed a level above the second, and by 10:00 it was already raging to the third. Scientists have reported that by the morning of the next day the magnetic field of the planet is stabilizing.

In the current year, magnetic field perturbations have already occurred, but they never exceeded the minimum first level.

Such a powerful magnetic storm manifested itself last time in August 2018, and before that, about a year ago.