Scientists still can not solve a number of amazing mysteries of the moon

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Scientists still can not solve a number of amazing mysteries of the moon

The moon since ancient times has caused increased interest in people. Over the years, scientific and technological progress has provided mankind with many opportunities, however, the natural satellite of the Earth even now remains a zone of great secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Today it is no longer a discovery that the moon has a definite effect on the ebb and flow, the north and south poles. There is a hypothesis among conspiracy theorists: the Moon is an artificially created object designed to maintain favorable conditions for life on our planet. As evidence, the fact that the Earth’s satellite has a perfectly round orbit, which can not boast the moons of other planets.

After the Apollo 12 mission visited the moon in 1969, the equipment recorded some vibrations, which, according to science, should indicate that there is a void inside the cosmic body. Similar studies were conducted later by NASA, but the public does not know what their results are.

Craters also make astronomers rack their brains. The fact is that all the craters of the moon have the same depth, which is estimated as an anomalous phenomenon. But a number of researchers believe that this is due to the presence of another super strong shell made of iron under the surface, which serves as a kind of protection against impacts of comets and asteroids, which allows evenly distributing the depth of the resulting craters.

There is another impressive theory, the author of which is the famous researcher David Ike. According to this idea, the Moon is a receiver of signals emanating from Saturn, which then directs to the Earth, creating a "matrix" of the reality of our life.

The moon, being a satellite of the Earth, rotates around the planet, but we see only one side, and the second is always hidden. Some believe that this is also not just a coincidence: the dark side is needed for the installation of alien bases there, which, of course, must be carefully hidden from earthlings.

Alex Collier, is the author of another work that caused a great stir. In his famous book, Letters from Andromeda, it is narrated that the Moon is actually an alien spacecraft of enormous size, which arrived in the solar system from space far away many millions of years ago. It is noted that the crew of a massive vessel consisted of reptilians, which are a hybrid of man and reptiles. They, according to the theory, became the first humanoid creatures that populated the Earth. In addition, the scientific writer claims that on the lunar surface there are several secret entrances that lead directly to the bases now occupied by the world government.