Scientists: The soil on Mars is a thousand times more dry than the earth, the life of microbes is impossible there

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Scientists: The soil on Mars is a thousand times more dry than the earth, the life of microbes is impossible there

Every year humanity is getting closer and closer to an outstanding, truly turning point in history – the colonization of the fourth planet of the solar system. Modern technology allows us to learn about Mars new information that will certainly help in the implementation of the future expedition. For example, the recent discovery that liquid water is present on the Red Planet is very pleasing, but the condition of the soil seriously worries specialists.

If on our planet people can freely grow various cultures, then on Mars this is impossible, because the soil there is a thousand times more dry than the earth. In addition, low temperatures flourish, and radiation levels are extremely high.

Scientists decided to conduct an experiment to find out if terrestrial microbes can survive in Martian conditions. To do this, they headed to one of the driest places on Earth – the Atacamu Desert, located on the western coast of South America in Chile, where the average rainfall per year is only 1 to 3 mm.

Studies have shown that in those parts of the desert where there is not so much terrible aridity, microbes feel more or less normal and even capable of reproduction. As for the drier territories, they are there in a state of suspended animation. In the soil of Atacama, scientists also found the remains of dead microorganisms that have lived in this area for the past 10 thousand years.

The soil on Mars is much drier than even in the Atacama desert, so there is almost no chance for earth microbes to survive there. This conclusion was ultimately reached by experts.

“We just need to use the Atacama Desert as a natural laboratory, and then go off to conquer Mars. The research results will give us an approximate idea of ​​what we will find on the Red Planet when we get there,” said Mary Beth Wilhelm, an employee of the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).

Nevertheless, scientists do not exclude that once upon a time there was life on the Red Planet, when the conditions there were more favorable than now. The search for traces of life on Mars does not stop, and for this various spacecraft are sent there. But so far it has not been possible to find anything significant, and a number of experts are sure: only when a person’s foot enters the surface of this planet, then all questions will disappear regarding its habitability.

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