Scientists told what creatures on Earth could come from Venus

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Scientists told what creatures on Earth could come from Venus

Scientists have suggested that extremophile-class bacteria that live on Earth might have been introduced long ago from other planets, for example, from neighboring Venus. As you know, the second planet of the solar system has an extremely harsh environment, but some of the most resistant microorganisms may live there.

David Greenspoon, a senior fellow at the US Planetology Institute, noted that such extreme conditions have not been observed on Earth since the time when life began in the ocean waters. Bacteria-extremophiles are able to withstand incredible indicators of pressure and temperature, while multiplying and functioning normally.

But, assuming the idea that they really originated on Venus, how did they travel millions of kilometers to settle on our planet? Everything is very simple: smaller celestial bodies helped in this process – comets with asteroids, which just became a kind of “taxi” for microorganisms.

As for the search for traces of life on other objects of the Solar and other systems, the main hopes are placed on Mars, where various multi-million-dollar missions are sent. But a number of scientists insist: you should not forget about other planets, noting that bacteria can be in the atmosphere of Venus. Astrophysicists previously observed strange spots on this hot planet, which they did not study. However, these formations began to change their shape, and then the experts became interested, suggesting that these spots could be living organisms.