Scientists told when and why the first snow appeared on Earth

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Scientists told when and why the first snow appeared on Earth

Snowfalls on our planet have long ceased to amaze people, and everyone has already forgotten that once it first fell on Earth. Scientists remember this well, in connection with which they decided not only to find out exactly when it happened for the first time, but also to create an ancient map of the “blue ball”.

This issue was addressed by Ilya Bindeman, who attracted new colleagues from the University of Oregon to new research. Experts demonstrated a map, thanks to which it becomes clear what the Blue Planet looked like at a time when land was just beginning to appear on it. According to them, more than 2.5 billion years have passed since the moment when the first sections of soil appeared on the surface of the water.

With the advent of land on Earth, certain changes began to be made aware of themselves, the reasons for which were natural and biological processes. For example, due to the fact that the sun's rays began to fall on the ground, microorganisms were able to evolve. Before that, they could not do anything like this, since they were under water at that time.

Temperature changes against the background of such events, of course, also began to occur, so the first snow fell, in particular, due to the fact that the planet began to display sunlight. Previously, the temperature on the planet was several tens of degrees higher. At the same time, the land, which began to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, took a direct part in the weather changes.

Such data appeared in the hands of researchers after a thorough study of the rocks of the Earth. Among other things, the luminaries of science also managed to determine the frequency of occurrence of territories that later became continents.