Secret intelligence agents talked about aliens living among people

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Secret intelligence agents talked about aliens living among people

Conspirologists are sure that aliens not only exist, but live among unsuspecting people. There is evidence that Dmitry Medvedev, being the president of the Russian Federation at that time, got acquainted with the contents of a certain “secret folder”, which details the situation regarding the interaction of the governments of leading states and representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

To date, the fact of the existence in the Universe of a different form of life, except earthly, has not been proved. Years of searching for brothers in mind have not yielded results, and a number of scientists have already come to terms with the lonely fate of mankind. Nevertheless, not everyone thinks in this way, and we are talking not only about ufologists-enthusiasts, but also about very competent people who know a lot about the topic.

The former secret agents from the States, Emery Smith and Corey Goode, who once participated in the development of extraterrestrial programs, decided to tell the truth to the world. They admitted that they had direct contact with real aliens from other worlds who were listed as employees of military structures, no matter how strange it may sound.

Emiri Smith took part in a television show dedicated to the subject of aliens. He said that aliens in a crowd of people are almost impossible to distinguish, since they have an incredible ability to disguise themselves as they please. Intelligent creatures from the far corners of the Universe are worried that people can simply destroy the Earth with their thoughtless actions, so they come to us to control the situation.

Corey Goode tells a slightly different story. He worked for a special unit, the task of which was to search for aliens introduced into human society and their interrogation. Some of the aliens that Goode spoke with were indeed extremely peaceful, but others did not hide their intentions to take over the planet.

Ex-agents of the secret secret service also said that there is a kind of agreement between aliens and military leaders, according to which, "green men" are allowed to exist among people, but do it as peacefully and quietly as possible.

It is worth noting that there is information, naturally, unconfirmed and unofficial, that the Russian politician Dmitry Medvedev, at the time of his presidency, was holding in his hands this same "secret folder" with secret data about aliens. The President was informed about the existence of other forms of developed life, whose representatives are in large numbers on Earth and feel quite good here.

The revelations of Emery Smith and Corey Hood are unlikely to become a world sensation and turn people around, but a cohort of conspiracy theorists with open arms accept such stories. Governments know that actions of individuals will not cause any panic, therefore they do not try to interfere in any way, keeping calm.