Secret Weather Experiments: Mysterious Cigar Cloud Scares People

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Secret Weather Experiments: Mysterious Cigar Cloud Scares People

In the US city of Palmdale, California, a local resident discovered a strange phenomenon in the sky, and in addition, Google Earth maps also show a suspicious object. Conspirologists are sure: this is proof that the government is actually experimenting with the weather, but it is carefully concealed from the public.

The American was on the street at that moment when, looking up, she saw a massive cloud there, stretching across the sky. This phenomenon can be called natural only with an exaggeration, and, most likely, almost any person will be reasonably bewildered, and possibly even fear, because it looks rather creepy. The woman called what she saw “a cigar cloud” and hastened to record it on a video that soon appeared on the Internet.

It is interesting that further on from the inhabitants of different countries of the world began to receive in large quantities information about similar phenomena. Moreover, those who like to spend time browsing Google Earth maps noticed a suspicious line that stretched evenly from Antarctica to the Australian continent.

According to independent researchers, all these events are interconnected by one thread. Perhaps we are talking about covert weather experiments that governments are doing.

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