SpaceX failed the parachute test

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SpaceX failed the parachute test

Last month, a private company, SpaceX, conducted tests of a parachute system that performs the function of a soft landing of an aircraft on the earth's surface at the test site in the US state of Nevada. There was information that the tests failed. This was announced by Bill Gerstenmayer, who holds the post of deputy director of the American Space Agency for Manned Programs, speaking at a hearing before the committee of the House of Representatives on science, space and technology of the United States Congress.

“During the tests, three of the four parachutes failed to function normally,” the official said, adding that the descent vehicle received some damage when it was in direct contact with the ground.

Although the test results did not satisfy SpaceX and NASA, important data was obtained, which will be used for future development of parachute systems. Now, Gerstenmayer noted, it is important to understand why the trials ended so poorly. This could be some kind of coincidence that arose directly during the tests, and perhaps the problem lies in the very structure of the system.