SpaceX president reveals details of Mars colonization

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SpaceX president reveals details of Mars colonization

SpaceX President Gwynn Shotwell shared the details of a project to build a city on Mars, which is currently being prepared for activation. As you know, the American manufacturer of space technology with headquarters in the city of Hawthorne has long wanted to dig a whole colony on the Red Planet. According to a representative of the organization founded by Ilon Mask, the Boring Company, created by the same person, will contribute to the implementation of a global venture – it will be engaged in drilling soil at a space object. An employee of the dollar billionaire shared some details related to this topic with employees of the popular American television channel CNBC, who did not immediately believe in the reality of this.

As you know, recently Musk presented the appearance of a spacecraft with the name Crew Dragon, which became better known as just Dragon 2. But Shotwell, in turn, let slip – told in an interview about the much more remarkable ideas of the master of innovative technologies. As SpaceX's key operations director noted, Boring Company’s new tunnels aimed at creating tunnels in the ground will help create a colony on the Orange Neighbor. The entrepreneur has absolutely no doubt about the successful outcome of future things, which will surely become a real revolution in the history of the exploration of Mars by man, since the company has everything necessary for this.

“It seems to us that the Boring Company will help in a difficult matter and will do everything one hundred percent correctly in the settlement of the Red Planet. We have every chance to dig tunnels on the territory of this planet so that people live there. The first such tunnel on Earth is almost ready. The underground path goes thirteen meters deep. If the top officials from California give the green light to such a project, then the transportation will not be long in coming. Begin to implement them in a favorable scenario will be possible in 2018. As Ilon said before, nothing will have to be paid for debut flights. Then, of course, the passengers will have to give some money, but no more than the controllers ask for on the bus, "said Gwynn.

Last summer, Musk also talked about his company’s intention to settle on Mars, building a city there. The engineer even emphasized the opportunity to carry out a similar project on the Blue Planet.

“Now we already have enough knowledge and skills to build a whole city underground on our planet. Then people would not be bothered by fuss, and they could come to the surface if desired at any time. In addition, now that the Boring Company boasts amazing tools, creating megacities can be dealt with on the Red Planet, and success is guaranteed, "reads Ilona’s statement last year.

However, not only SpaceX is interested in settling Mars. Specialists from the University of Information Technology and Management in Poland intend to use CRISPR products to carry out the genetic modification of people and allow them to live in the conditions of the Red Planet.

Musk and Shotwell had previously reported a one-hour round-the-world rocket journey. According to them, Big Falcon Rocket will allow people to spend only tens of minutes to be anywhere in the world. The device under development should become not only the fastest in the SpaceX collection, but also the highest in the same list. According to preliminary data, the height of the rocket is comparable to the Statue of Liberty. Interestingly, the journalists, in whose conversation Ilon and Gwynn shared a startling idea, did not believe that this could happen soon.