Survived the accident "Union" Nick Haig is worried before the second flight

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Survived the accident "Union" Nick Haig is worried before the second flight

American astronaut Nick Haig feels that he is fully prepared for the second flight to the International Space Station, nevertheless, he is recognized to some degree of excitement. On the upcoming important mission, he spoke with reporters on television channel ABC. In October, we recall, Haig and his team-mate Alexey Ovchinin landed in a major accident during a missile flight.

“I want to say that with regards to my confidence in the functional and protective capabilities of the Union, everything remained unchanged. I'm ready to fly, ”Nick said in an interview.

The astronaut was asked about the excitement before the flight, keeping in mind what happened not so long ago. Haig replied that experiencing anxiety is an absolutely natural reaction of any person. Yes, astronauts definitely risk their lives, but their work is extremely important for all mankind, which, of course, they always remember.

Nick Haig’s flight to the ISS is scheduled for March 1, 2019. Together with him, the same Alexei Ovchinin, an employee of Roscosmos, and an American, Christina Hammok Koch, for whom this expedition will be the first space flight in their career, will go to space.

On October 11, 2011, the Russian Soyuz-FG launch vehicle launched from the Baikonur launch site, which was to send the Soyuz MS-10 transport spacecraft and the new ISS crew in the person of Nick Haig from NASA and Alexey Ovchinin. The flight of the rocket lasted just over two minutes, after which a malfunction occurred during the separation of the steps. Then the emergency system of the “Union” operatively worked out, which saved the lives of astronauts: they landed in the Kazakhstan steppes in a special capsule, without receiving any injuries. It should be noted that earlier in the history of the manned cosmonautics of the Russian Federation such incidents did not occur.