The alien abduction of a person in Argentina in 1979 shocked the public

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The alien abduction of a person in Argentina in 1979 shocked the public

A few days ago a story appeared in the mass media of many years ago, which says that in 1979 an unidentified flying object landed in Argentina, taking a local resident to the sky. According to eyewitnesses, the mysterious event occurred on September 19 in the evening of the day near the city of Santa Ynez in the province of Mendoza. The unusual news that hit the public is currently being actively discussed by the World Wide Web regulars, who are divided into those who believe in such an arrangement, and skeptical users.

As it became known, on the day of the mysterious incident, two boys were swinging on a swing, when suddenly one of them noticed something strange in the sky, pointing his finger at the orange glow. After that, the holyness became more abundant. The unidentified object sat down near the playground, and then jumped up and landed again. This behavior of the alleged "flying saucer" greatly frightened the young eyewitnesses of the heavenly event. The children were so frightened that they ran to their friends, because they lived nearby. The object, in turn, disappeared and no one else saw it. When the boys returned to the point where the strange apparatus landed, a circle with five holes appeared in front of them. Later, the children told about the incident to the police.

On the same day, Corporal Anabal Raul Petracini found himself in a difficult situation, as the spacecraft, which seemed to him relatively small, appeared near the house of the Argentine military. At that moment, the man ran into the street to check what was happening there. Coming out of the house, a small man in white clothes and blindfolded caught his eye. In the next instant, Petracini accepted a telepathic message, the essence of which could not be interpreted.

“I sensed some telepathic signal that cannot be compared with a verbal message. Until now, I don’t understand what they were trying to say. I didn’t hear any voices like any sounds. I just felt something,” – tried to explain the corporal.

Subsequently something very strange happened, however it was as if erased from Petracini’s memory. He only noted that he had been in contact with someone for more than twenty minutes. In addition, the military does not remember what he was doing the rest of the time. After that incident, the Argentine came to himself only on September 20, waking up from an alarm clock in his bed.