The American told how the aliens conducted experiments on her

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The American told how the aliens conducted experiments on her

Representatives of extraterrestrial civilization, the existence of which traditional science, most likely, will always deny, continue to remind of themselves in our time. However, if you believe the stories of many people who happened to encounter "green men" in person, we can conclude that the presence of aliens on Earth has often manifested itself at all times. According to the popular portal MUFON, specializing in such riddles, another contact with the so-called humanoids became known from a resident of Midland, Michigan, who contacted the editorial office to publicize a mysterious incident many years ago. Mysterious and not very pleasant events happened to an American at a young age in the summer of 1975.

According to the witness, it was completely unexpected to encounter aliens. Arriving home in her car, she saw how unknown guys were carrying a girl somewhere. The victim actively resisted and shouted loudly, but this did not help her. Unpleasant personalities dragged her into a car nearby. At some point, they managed to calm the kidnapped. However, the aliens did not stop there and went to the eyewitness of the incident, who had managed to run into the house and close the door behind them by that time. The wanderers, who soon found themselves on the porch, in turn, gave her a telepathic signal, from which it followed that they could get it even from a locked house.

“It was as if they introduced the idea into my head that I should leave the house. At the same time, I clearly understood that they really have the opportunity to reach me anyway. By the way, obscure guests insisted that I open the door voluntarily. Unexpectedly for myself, I even stopped resisting and for some reason realized that it was simply necessary to open the door. Then the aliens were in the hallway. Two tall men became close to me. They had strange hats that no one had worn by that time, but their skin they had a gray tint. x were large and very dark, so much so that at first I even dreamed sunglasses, which really was not, "- the beginning of his story an American.

Most of all, the girl who encountered the aliens was afraid for her child, who was in the back seat of the car at the time of the incident. She failed to take home the 8-month-old son. But it soon turned out that the mysterious gentlemen were not so hostile as it might seem at first glance. They told the earthly interlocutor that they want to get her eggs, because they need to get a similar race. The aliens even explained that there were some problems with reproduction on their planet, and therefore they had to do this. Then the girl allowed the aliens to take what they arrived for, after which she felt severe pain in the abdomen. The pain girl screamed loudly, thinking that the neighbors would hear her and would call the police. At the same moment, the mysterious interlocutors again transmitted a telepathic signal to her, this time that no one would hear anything.

“Among other things, they let me know that I was not in my house, but in a completely different place, and I realized that this is really so. What happened afterwards, I remember vaguely. Now I can’t even say for sure what their faces were. I forgot a lot, like someone erased my memory. Then the aliens began to do something with my nose. It made me angry and I began to fight them, but I had no success in this matter. But they didn’t stop at that: they put some little thing in my chest and put me in a big spaceship. that we’re flying over the city, I even noticed a sign in New York State. During the flight I received a new signal, this time that I would soon see an alien base. At the same time they informed me that the Earth authorities knew about them "After some time, the aircraft in which I was with them ended up under water, where there was a whole city," continued the woman.

Once inside the alien base, the girl walked with the aliens along the corridor, noting that there were other people locked in small and very uncomfortable rooms. They shouted heavily, as if they were conducting terrible experiments on them or burning them alive. Terrible events again brought fear to the mother of the child remaining on Earth. For a moment she even thought that the aliens would not let her go home. After that, she found herself in a strange transport, which had no windows, and then in the room where some old man was. This elderly man said that she should not tell anyone what happened to her, because it could harm her children. And for many years the witness of breathtaking events really kept silent. However, she told her husband everything at once, since she simply could not keep it to herself.

“After the old man’s recommendations, I unexpectedly ended up in my bedroom, noticing that there was some blood on my stomach. My husband was the first to know what happened to me. For a while we didn’t tell anyone else about it. And only recently I told everything to my wife son, whose age exceeded the age of fourteen. However, then he became very sick with deprivation. From this I concluded that I should have been silent, but it was too late. However, now this story is familiar to the press, and therefore the whole world. I don’t even know what this alignment will lead to. g it "- summed wished to remain anonymous person.

Before, writer Janet Kira Lessin also spoke about her contacts with aliens, according to which they not only showed her their world, but also showed several options for destroying the planet of people, asking her to choose one of them. Then she was still very small and could not make such decisions, but still did it. According to Janet, now her chosen one is starting to come true. The writer also said that she considers herself a stranger on Earth and always dreamed of going to outer space, in particular, to a planet that really is her own.