The Argentinian unveiled strong evidence that the aliens were in the forest, and surprised the Internet

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The Argentinian unveiled strong evidence that the aliens were in the forest, and surprised the Internet

Unidentified flying objects, as you know, not only appear in the airspace of various parts of our planet, but also land on the ground, leaving behind them the corresponding traces, and this is what happened in Argentina for the umpteenth time, Russian press reports citing foreign sources. who, in turn, were able to communicate with the person who made this news public. Incomprehensible formations were seen in the forest area.

At the moment, interesting information is being processed both by researchers on celestial phenomena, and by regulars of the World Wide Web, who hastily divided into skeptics and lovers of conspiracy science. All the necessary photos taken a week ago are freely available and commented on with enviable frequency.

The author of the amazing pictures was a local resident named Rodrigo, who noticed mysterious circles in the snow in the mountains of Moquee, located in the Argentinean part of Patagonia. As the young man said, he did not notice anything like this in that area before, but after the appearance of strange drawings, he began to seriously think that we were not alone in the Universe. The find stunned a guy during his motorcycle ride.

On the mountain road, the Argentine saw something very strange from a far distance, deciding to drive closer and stop in order to examine the mysterious traces. On the newly fallen snow layer, the man saw two patterns: one was in the form of a big star, and the other seemed much smaller and had the shape of a circle. This beauty, of course, could not be ignored, so an eyewitness immediately pulled out a mobile device and capture it all.

The Argentinian unveiled strong evidence that the newcomers were in the forest, and surprised the Internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

However, the witness of the anomaly did not fall into a stupor, and even thought at first that the mysterious formations were the work of earthlings who wished to joke a little and show their unusual creativity. But it soon became clear to him that such a point of view could hardly claim anything, since there were no traces near the patterns, from which it can be concluded that people did not approach those places where strange artworks appeared.

After that, a thought flashed through his mind that shortly before his arrival, spacecraft of unearthly production had landed in these places. To better understand this issue, the motorcyclist sent photos to the Web and asked people to share their hypotheses about the unprecedented location of things. Answers of independent Internet thinkers, of course, did not take long to wait.

By the way, not everyone supported the author of interesting content in that the marks could make unidentified flying objects. The traditional viewers of the world have taken the liberty to note that the formations recorded in the mountains seem relatively small, so it seems that if UFOs actually landed there, then they were childish.

The author himself assures that the patterns on the snow seem small only in the photographs, although in fact their size is quite impressive. Rodrigo says nothing about the exact figures, since he did not measure the phenomena.

Among other things, the Argentine did not say if anyone had seen them except him, but noted that in those places people practically did not appear, and he managed to see the incredible drawings only by chance. It is worth noting that the guy could not do the amusing pictures, because at first he went home, wanting to quickly tell his family about them, and only then came back to capture everything on camera and come with the evidence.

As Argentinean media adds, the patterns found by a local resident are located near highway 11, located in the area of ​​Njorkinko, which completely overlaps with the arrival of the winter season, because the roads there are completely impassable. In those places, the snow begins to go early.

The Argentinian unveiled strong evidence that the newcomers were in the forest, and surprised the Internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

In addition, there is in the press and the information that in a kilometer from this point such figures have already been seen. Forms of formations differed incredible clarity, but no one took a picture of them. Interestingly, unidentified flying objects were also seen in those parts. In other words, a clear picture emerges that the so-called humanoids have chosen a certain place almost imperceptibly for people.

It is no secret that mysterious patterns most often appear in the fields and almost always differ in very large sizes. For a long time, non-standard researchers are trying to understand how this can be created by someone secretly from people, because these phenomena make themselves felt everywhere and constantly, but no one has ever seen the process of their appearance. Not so long ago, a hypothesis became popular among paranormal specialists, according to which amazing circles, which are clearly man-made and have no relation to nature, are in fact not made by aliens, as is commonly believed, but by aliens from another dimension.

According to experts who hold such an opinion, we live in one of the many dimensions, and we do it so wrongly that some inhabitants of other worlds cannot deny themselves the pleasure of giving us the right way. According to researchers, creatures from the underworldly reality are doing so more often, although it is forbidden to interfere in other worlds. But they cannot do otherwise, understanding that humanity is killing itself.

At the end of September 2018 in Argentina also captured an incredible phenomenon. Residents of Buenos Aires noticed a flame-like formation in the sky, which swept a certain distance at an incredible speed, and then disappeared without a trace. Particularly imaginary Argentines then concluded that an invisible dragon flew over the city, spewing a considerable portion of fire.