The book about the real sexual contact of people with aliens appeared on the web and excited the public

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The book about the real sexual contact of people with aliens appeared on the web and excited the public

It is no secret that researchers dealing with issues related to an extraterrestrial civilization, not only share their incredible findings in the form of photographs and video clips, but also write books. An unusual version of one of these publications recently published the notorious ufologist Nigel Watson. The specialist in the relevant cases wrote and promulgated Screwed by the Aliens, the name of which in English translates as "Communication with aliens". In this case, the speech on the pages of this creation is not about a normal connection, but about sexual contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial life. The writer brought together the most interesting stories of people, where it is intimate intimacy with the so-called "green men" that dominates. This release is very interested in all those who are passionate about this, and the World Wide Web users are already discussing a new work of an unconventional scientist.

Interestingly, in some of the stories described by Watson, the emphasis is placed on the fact that sexual contact with aliens is an extremely unpleasant thing, while in others, people confronted with this say that nothing more beautiful in life happened to them. What, then, to believe? It's a difficult question. However, it can be assumed that encounters with aliens associated with sexual activities, end with a variety of memories (pleasant and departure). The book also says that aliens often disguise themselves as celebrities (actors, musicians, businessmen, and even politicians) to lure and steal a victim. According to Nigel, there were situations when humanoids forced people to fuck with both their own kind and animals. The editor of "Relations with the aliens" was made famous Timothy Green Beckley, dealing with issues related to extraterrestrial civilization and paranormal activity (ghosts, poltergeist, astral travel), who had previously published such books.

Before the presentation of the publication, Watson even gave an interview to representatives of the Metro news center. The researcher told reporters that the first documented meeting with aliens, in which sexual intercourse took place, occurred in the fifties. By the way, long before that, people also told similar stories in which they described demons and succubi, who have every chance of becoming aliens. The author has a suggestion that the aliens began to visit people from the very appearance of them on Earth.

"For the first time something similar was registered by ufologists in 1957, when a Brazilian named Antonio Vilas-Boas contacted newcomers sexually. According to this man, they kidnapped him and dragged him into his spacecraft, and then forced to fuck with a very attractive alien. After sex, this person pointed her finger at the man, and then at her belly, as well as at the sky, making it clear that she would soon have a child, but he was destined not to live on Earth, but on a different planet, "said Watson in an interview with staff members sy.

"In the eighties, ufologists from the United States of America conducted a serious study, using for this the testimony of people affected by such actions by the newcomers, and concluded that mostly women are abducted and forced to become pregnant using a variety of techniques, after which they kidnap them again to pick up the fetus, but many women who became pregnant in this way were interrupted by pregnancy. It is still not clear why they couldn’t endure s child-alien, "- said the author of the printed product.

As for men, they simply took the seed, forcing them to have an intimate relationship with an alien or through the use of special devices. On one of these incidents in 2017, told a 74-year-old artist from New York. In a conversation with the media, a certain David Huggins described in detail what happened to him at the age of 17. According to the American, that was how he lost his virginity. Moreover, then the aliens also not once abducted him. According to David, he gave birth to more than two hundred hybrid children.

Brad Steiger, who is no longer alive, also often investigated the issue of sexual contact between people and newcomers, with the researcher paying special attention to the incident with Christa Tilton, who also fell on the pages of Timothy Green Beckley. As the girl told, it was stolen by aliens who identified themselves as a special group of Nigerians, which deals exclusively with such matters. Interestingly, the American was sent not to a “flying saucer”, but to a military base located in Dulce, New Mexico, where they were introduced to spacecraft. Krista was even asked to draw what she sees on the territory of the secret division, and she saw not only UFOs, but also hangars designed for storing hybrids. Then the guest was fertilized artificially. After some time, the fetus was taken from her. However, later the same thing was done to her several more times. Tilton noted that all humanoids were distinguished by large heads and gray skin, and it was precisely such children that she had to bear and give birth to. At the first meeting with the "green men" the girl was afraid, but in subsequent times she was not so scared.

The late professor Karl Turner was also touched upon in the book “Communication with Aliens.” This specialist often spoke with people who became victims of extraterrestrial civilization. Watson believes that such experiments on our planet are carried out by humanoids in the hope of creating a super-creature, with which skeptics just can not agree, calling the alleged victims of such situations ordinary lovers of fantasy.

According to Timothy Green Beckley, he understands the reaction of adherents of the traditional mentality, but the expert is sure that this is not quite true, because the aliens definitely exist.

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