The Chinese are in shock: An anomaly appeared at the bottom of Qinghai Lake

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The Chinese are in shock: An anomaly appeared at the bottom of Qinghai Lake

Strange phenomena that occur in the world almost every day and put into a stupor, even the most experienced scientists, continue to manifest themselves, leaving behind a whole bunch of questions without answers to them. At this time, thinking about the mystic something amazing made the people of China. As the Russian press reports with reference to foreign media, not so long ago, from a bird's-eye view, a mysterious formation, seen right at the bottom of the lake, got into the frame.

It is difficult to say what the nature of the find. It is only clear that the appearance is very reminiscent of the good old circles that appear most often in the fields and are called the handiwork of the newcomers.

Kukunor Lake, also known as Qinghai, which is located in the eponymous province and is the second largest drainage mountain salt lake in Central Asia after Lake Issyk-Kul, became a place of strange location of affairs. According to local residents, an unprecedented appearance caught their eyes on April 12.

Previously, the local people had never seen anything like it, so now they are awaiting a verdict from specialists who are interested in a rather attractive turn of events. At the moment, researchers can only say that the video, provided as evidence that all this really happened, is genuine, and the incomprehensible pattern is still in the lake.

A curious video published on YouTube and lasting fifty seconds gained more than ten thousand views and continues to be popular among users of the service. In it you can well consider the mysterious phenomenon from different sides.

The approximate diameter of the pattern is 100 meters. By the way, the most striking is not so much its size as a complete misunderstanding of how such a thing could appear at the bottom of the lake. On this occasion, the irresistible Internet thinkers, traditionally divided into skeptics and conspiracy theorists, have already arranged a verbal battle in which they began to share their hypotheses right under the video.

Skeptics remained true to themselves and did not believe either in higher powers or in aliens even this time, suggesting that it was people who created the shocking work of art. Proponents of rational thinking believe that the same enthusiasts draw in the fields. However, such a conclusion seems alternative researchers are not very plausible, because it is impossible to draw such a large and smooth pattern, and even at the bottom of the ocean. At least, ufologists are sure that people will not be able to do this for sure.

Someone believes that a unique formation is another natural phenomenon that is simply poorly understood. At the same time, such a hypothesis seems altogether insane, since we all know that nature "cannot tolerate" exact geometric shapes.

Not without those who saw the divine sign in the mysterious appearance. Particularly religious people again began to say that the Almighty was trying to tell us something by hook or by crook, and again they could not explain what kind of message it was about.

Popular opinion on how such circles appear

Mysterious crop circles, which sometimes appear on the snow, and now also under water, can be news of their parallel world. This opinion, of course, seems incredible, but recently more and more researchers say that otherworldly inhabitants are very disappointed with how people live. Creatures that are in a different dimension are sure that we do not live very well, and this is putting it mildly, so they try to hint at how to behave in order not to destroy the Earth.