The CIA proved that there are no aliens or flying saucers in Zone 51

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The CIA proved that there are no aliens or flying saucers in Zone 51

For a long time, aliens have been intensively discussed by earthlings, among whom are those who study this phenomenon, and those who are simply interested in this issue, and there is more and more news about the so-called humanoids in the media. But are they really there? If you believe the article, recently published on an authoritarian American resource, the aliens are an invention of "big" people who want to earn money. According to the Western press, all points on i were placed a few days ago, when some documents of the legendary "Zone 51" were unexpectedly declassified. From important papers it follows that back in the 50s, representatives of extraterrestrial civilization were simply invented in order to enrich themselves.

As you know, most of all about the celestial "guests" flying to Earth on saucer-shaped spacecraft, we are reminded of Hollywood films, as well as researchers who are extremely fanatical about such riddles. Fans of watching television, as well as fans of interesting newspaper news, have never been opposed to new stories related to the advent of "flying saucers" or kidnapping by aliens. That is why a burning topic brings considerable income to the filmmakers and owners of the editorial offices.

At the same time, the famous secret base located in Nevada, in this case, takes more than a worthy position. "Zone 51" has become the main place of aliens on our planet. According to rumors, all the lost alien vessels are stored there, as well as their bodies. But now, according to the words of the representatives of the base, such legends are "nullified." As it turned out, the military point is really secret and carefully guarded, but there are no "flying saucers" there, never was and never could be.

During the Cold War, there was a government-format airport on Site 51, which was used only for government purposes. Against the background of great secrecy and extreme lack of substantiation of people, various rumors began to appear, most of which touched on the topic of UFOs. It is worth noting that for a long time even the CIA officers could not know what exactly was going on in the complex shrouded in secrets. This was the reason why the military base became so popular among ufologists.

Among other things, the conversing workers of a production site near Las Vegas did not forget to recall that in the 50-70s the whole world was extremely passionate about space, in connection with which earthlings wanted to learn as much as possible about the events taking place there, and those who may live on other planets.

At the same time, the special popularity of aliens and "Zone 51" is closely related to the well-known American series "The X-Files", where stories with "green men" made themselves known with enviable frequency. The creator of the project, Chris Carter, knew well what the audience wanted, and at the same time he glorified the military territory in Nevada.

However, avid opponents of skeptics still have no doubt that the American military base accommodates alien ships and conducts experiments on them. According to them, the news about the denial of shocking rumors from the representatives of "Zone 51" is another attempt to confuse people who are not so far from the truth.