The city, found on Mars, shocked the public, put into a stupor of researchers

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The city, found on Mars, shocked the public, put into a stupor of researchers

Mars has long been one of the most mysterious objects in the solar system, and contains a great variety of secrets, for the discovery of which researchers will need a lot of time. On it constantly see the alleged spacecraft aliens, then the humanoids themselves, and sometimes some other creatures. In other words, at first glance, astronomers have little to surprise, however, as it turned out recently, with some things this space object is still able to hit even the most experienced luminaries of science, evidenced by the new images of the National Space Agency, made one of his flying machines. In the photographs of the Martian surface, alternative scientists saw the whole city. The remarkable material simply shocked the Global Web and forced its regulars to share in new skeptics and those who believe in the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Representatives of the popular YouTube channel Mars Anomalies and Beyond, who are downloading videos related to such riddles, were the first to report on an unprecedented find. One of the employees of the virtual organization has already suggested that previously they did not have such substantial evidence of extraterrestrial life in their hands. As noted by the conspiracy therapist, the pictures can be seen not only a metropolis, but also means of transportation. In addition, the researcher shared the hypothesis that the US space agency understands perfectly well that someone has been living on Mars for a long time, but it hides it from people by hook or by crook. It is for this reason, the expert adds, that NASA throws Internet users with fake photos, where the mysterious planet is shown in the usual orange desert. What is interesting, even the blue sky of Mars for some reason is constantly shown in yellow.

The usual processing of photos in a special program turned into a proof of the words of the ufologist. According to the expert on Martian secrets, he happened to stumble upon something truly amazing when he did not even hope to see anything interesting, and decided to do the content created by the agency rover through a special filter for nothing. Having changed the contrast, gamma and some other components of the images, an unconventional scientist suddenly noticed a delightful picture on the horizon of the Red Planet that could easily have passed for a modern city.

The expert also noted that the Martian megalopolis is very different then in all cities of the Earth, because it has very high pyramids and other buildings, as well as flying platforms, which can be both means of transportation and attractions. According to the researcher, the alien civilization is much older than the earth, due to which their level of intelligence greatly rises above the level of human development. Moreover, the ufologist has almost no doubt that aliens develop much faster than humans, because they have a connection with other civilizations.

At the same time, extraordinary scientific luminaries do not intend to assert with an absolute probability that the US department is responsible for obscuring the truth associated with the Martian civilization. To say this is just silly. Among researchers who have devoted themselves to questions about the so-called "green men", it is very often discussed the assumption that the inhabitants of Mars are actively using high-tech methods, in particular, a special camouflage that allows them to hide from the cameras of the rovers, – concluded the staff of the mystical channel.

However, adherents of the traditional mentality, as always, do not want to believe in the existence of humanoids, especially in the appearance of their cities on Mars. According to incorrigible skeptics, the author of mysterious at first glance pictures could use the good old photoshop himself to draw cities on them, because lately everyone can become famous in this way, and almost everyone would like to learn the taste of popularity today. In other words, the lovers of rational decisions did not find anything surprising in the fresh content. Other supporters of only what was proved by classical science called the mysterious frames an ordinary illusion, often reminiscent of themselves in the photographs of the Martian landscape.

This is quite an interesting point. I took the material on the website of the National Space Agency and placed it in FotoForensics, thinking that it could be ordinary pixelation. However, I was wrong, because the image came out almost solid and black. I thought the agency staff could simply disguise the image, but on the FAQ page it was said that this usually means that the image is not the original or has been saved many times. This arrangement made me wonder why the agency publishes images that have been saved many times before. This is all very strange. I strongly doubt that the current situation is associated only with pixelation, because it is consistent, and in the far left corner of the picture, it seems, there is a shadow and depth. Good find, great video. I think we have an interesting question, the answer to which will not be so easy to find, – wrote one of the commentators, well acquainted with the interesting material.

It is worth noting that similar phenomena on Mars have been seen in NASA pictures before. In mid-2017, researchers stumbled upon a formation resembling the ruins of an ancient city. At that time, experts on the Martian secrets did not say that the aliens could live in an abandoned city, but did not rule out that once they really inhabited the area in the frame. By the way, according to some ufologists, aliens live on Earth, but it is too difficult to find them, because they have an incredible disguise. There is even an assumption that under the ice and waters on the Blue Planet humanoids have long been building settlements.