The debris of a rocket scared two Chinese so that they mistook them for a crashed UFO

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The debris of a rocket scared two Chinese so that they mistook them for a crashed UFO

Strange events related to unidentified flying objects, often called the ships of representatives of an alien civilization, have recently made themselves felt so often that news about them has already filled the media. However, most often the so-called "flying saucers" are seen from a long distance, and they seem to have ceased to be interesting celestial points long ago. But on the territory of a large village in China, local residents witnessed the mysterious apparatus that crashed. Eyewitnesses took several photographs and examined it from close range. Corresponding pictures, of course, can currently be found on the Internet. At the same time, what was captured on them was not called something unearthly by either researchers or web users.

This story became public thanks to two Chinese people who did not dream of seeing a UFO so close. As Huang Yijin and Zhang Hejin told reporters, in the early morning they simply walked along the road and talked about theirs. This happened near the Wuchang Village, located in Fujian Province. At some point, employees of the power plant noticed that in the bushes lay the wreckage of a strange object. At first, the men were seriously scared, not wanting to meet with the dead “green men,” but then they nevertheless ventured to approach the find. Once next to her, friends established their opinion and hastened to report the wreckage to specialists who could determine the nature of the appearance of the aircraft.

The experts arrived at the scene and got acquainted with the crashed object, making an unexpected conclusion for Huang and Zhang. As it turned out, young people did not stumble at all on a fallen "flying saucer", but on pieces of a conventional spacecraft assembled by people. In particular, in the bushes near the road lay the cone of the Long March 4C rocket, which was used to send a relay satellite to outer space. This flight was also confirmed by the Xichang Spacecraft Launch Center in Sichuan Village. The Chinese who found the wreckage laughed heartily at themselves and were even glad that no one would have to meet with dead aliens.

A photograph of the wreckage of the spacecraft scattered across the World Wide Web and caused user indignation. Many were unable to understand how the guys confused an alien object with a part of the rocket. The nose clearly shows the nose of the invention of earthlings, which does not at all resemble any part of the traditional "flying saucer". Huang and Zhang, in turn, hastened to explain themselves and noted that they arrived for a while in a stupor when they noticed strange fragments, in connection with which they could not think logically. And most of the Network's regulars did not blame them, suggesting that absolutely anyone could be in a similar situation.

“This, of course, is interesting, but confusing the rocket’s nose with a part of the“ flying saucer ”is very difficult. Although, it seems, nothing is impossible for these guys,” one of the Internet commentators joked.