The famous Soviet cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky died

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The famous Soviet cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky died

On Wednesday, March 27, a prominent Soviet space pilot, twice honored with the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union, Valery Bykovsky, passed away. He was 84 years old. The sad news came from the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center.

Valery Fedorovich was born on August 2, 1934 in Pavlovsky Posad, Moscow Region, but he graduated from secondary school in the capital. After receiving diplomas from several aviation schools. In 1960 he became one of the twenty astronauts of the first set of the Air Force. Then six candidates for cosmonauts were selected, where Bykovsky was listed along with such giants as Yuri Gagarin, German Titov, Grigory Nelyubov, Andrian Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich.

On June 14, 1963, the first space flight of Valery Bykovsky took place when he sat down at the helm as commander of the Vostok-5 manned spacecraft. The next expedition had to wait as long as 13 years – it became the commander again, but this time the Soyuz-22 ship was under its control. Two years later, he was entrusted with command of the fourth expedition to the Salyut-6 orbital station, where he arrived aboard the Soyuz-31. The total time spent in space is 20 days 17 hours 48 minutes 21 seconds.