The ghosts of three UFOs that appeared in Italy surprised the Network

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The ghosts of three UFOs that appeared in Italy surprised the Network

“Flying saucers” overtake different countries of the world with doubled frequency, and this is clearly seen in the news, outstanding by the press recently. In particular, journalists began to write about the appearance of alleged alien aircraft in cities whose inhabitants had rarely seen such phenomena with their own eyes. This time, the "green men" could amaze the imagination of those who live in Rome. Two incomprehensible round-shaped phenomena appeared immediately above the very "heart" of Italy. A mysterious incident filmed in a video is currently being actively discussed on the Internet. There are even rumors that in fact it was not the UFOs that got into the frame, but their ghosts, and the unusual hypothesis really has a basis.

Mysterious oval spots were photographed by a person engaged in such puzzles and known to users as just Rick. Previously, the researcher shared similar materials with his subscribers more than once, but unlike them, the novelty turned out to be more mystical.

As the author of the remarkable video told, similar to small ghosts of the “saucer” suddenly appeared in the sky during his flight on a passenger plane. At that moment, an aircraft flew over the capital of Italy. The ufologist claims that the objects were transparent and were near the airliner for a long time. Before that, the specialist in alien phenomena had not seen anything like this, and therefore he was inclined to believe in the mystical nature of what had happened.

“I captured a possible alien ship, and not just one, from the airplane window onto the camera of my mobile device! All this happened when I was above Italian Rome while flying in a passenger plane. And now I again go to places around the world in search of other mysterious things to capture on camera and them. Join me in this interesting adventure. We have to figure out a lot of what is happening in this world, since too many questions still remain unanswered. These problems need to be filled s immediately "- Rick wrote under his video, which scored several thousand views in the first days after appearing on the World Wide Web.

However, not all netizens took Rick's word, despite his clear authority in the field of ufology. Many skeptics considered that a man is not just doing his job, but also promoting any at every opportunity.

As avid lovers of traditional science suggest, the paranormal expert took advantage of the good old Photoshop to once again amaze people with something inexplicable. But admirers of the alternative scientist do not doubt the veracity of the material provided to them and try to solve this riddle with him.

Not so long ago, a similar situation has already occurred in Italy. Then a few "flying saucers" saw the inhabitants of Naples. By the way, objects appeared only as small dots in the sky, and it was quite difficult to see them without binoculars.