The incredible case of aliens who created bad weather conditions in Argentina put scientists in a stupor

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The incredible case of aliens who created bad weather conditions in Argentina put scientists in a stupor

The aliens, who, according to experts on relevant phenomena, are constantly trying to get in touch with people, now and then become the beginning of various events on our planet. As it is known, not so long ago a whole series of incidents related to road accidents was published in the media, according to some sources, because of what appeared to be objects. In addition, some UFOs decently influenced people, both positively and negatively. Now, researchers are confident that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization can cause inclement weather on Earth.

A possible proof of such an incredible point of view was the story that occurred a few days ago in Argentina. As the domestic press reports, citing foreign sources, on November 14, in the province of Santa Cruz, during a severe storm, local residents noticed a mysterious anomaly in the sky and filmed it on camera. An amazing event was noticed during the live broadcast of the television program.

UFO video spread across the Web and fell into the hands of those who have long been engaged in mysterious stories. After studying the material, alternative scientists have concluded that bad weather is somehow connected with the so-called "green men."

Among other things, Scott Waring, a well-known professor in the field of ufology, added that the influence of aliens on the Earth's weather conditions had been felt before, but it was somehow not accepted to talk about it, because cases of a similar kind occurred quite rarely. The researcher also noted that previously few of the ufologists could take responsibility and declare that humanoids are really capable of such.

Scott himself at the moment has no doubt that the inhabitants of other planets is quite under force. In general, according to Waring, in bad weather conditions in Argentina, they are most likely to blame. But why such experiments, if you can call it that, put the aliens? And the ufologist answered this question to the public. According to the media thinker, “guests” from other points of the Universe just want to see how earthlings behave in extreme conditions. Not quite, though, it is clear even to Scott, why should they be interested in how people act in this situation.

Do not forget Waring to discuss what happened in his blog, which was recently closed, but soon the unconventional scientist decided that the UFO appearances became too frequent and surprising, which was not there before and that it just needs to be discussed with subscribers, so the site started working again with the same power . According to him, people need to be more cautious, because someone from other planets began to interfere in their lives too often.

“This very strange unidentified flying object was discovered in Argentina during a severe storm. It seems to me that he was the reason that on this day the locals could not even go out because of the disgusting weather. I think you know that objects collected on alien planets can cause strong wind, thunder, lightning, rain, hail and tornadoes. For aliens, this is not so difficult. They want to know how we react to such conditions, ”wrote an esteemed ufologist.

Those who believe only in what is proved by official science, in turn, also announced several of their hypotheses on this score. According to skeptics, what the Argentines saw the other day is not very similar to the traditional saucer-shaped craft of an alien assembly, even if we assume that aliens really exist.

According to fans of skepticism, ball lightning hit the frame, the appearance of which in such weather should not be surprising to anyone. Moreover, they recalled that in 2018 several similar cases, which also fell on the video, were explained by standard scientists, who said that they were lightning, although of a very rare appearance.

The incredible case of aliens who created bad weather conditions in Argentina put a "typeof =" foaf into a stupor for scientists: Image

Someone even suggested that the movie is still a fake, despite the opposing statements of Waring. This researcher, as is known, has a lot of haters who believe that he himself is not averse to creating something with the help of a special program so that his popularity in the media does not fall.

Versions of other extraordinary scientists about the UFO video in Argentina

The mysterious incident that occurred in the province of Santa Cruz was also discussed by other ufologists, who hurried to declare that the luminous object was most likely in no way connected with the bad weather in the Argentine settlement. According to them, a UFO appeared during a thunderstorm specifically to charge with the help of a celestial current.

Previously, researchers, including Scott himself, have repeatedly said that aliens fill their ships with lightning. So why don't they do it again? At the same time, many admirers of ufological science immediately had the idea that aliens therefore created bad weather with rain and hail, in order to refuel their ship again.

The incredible case of aliens who created bad weather conditions in Argentina put a "typeof =" foaf into a stupor for scientists: Image

It is also known that, for the same purpose, “flying saucers” constantly fly up to the Sun, and according to one of the versions, they even have a base where their spaceships are stored.

The most interesting UFO appearances recently filmed

If you do not dwell on the incident in Argentina, then you can find many other celestial incidents, which, quite possibly, relate specifically to aliens. One of such incidents recently was the appearance of a strange object in the United States. In Ohio, something very similar to a comet slipped from one cloud to another. This case was registered on November 19th. He was filmed.

No less fascinating turn of events hit the camera in Ireland, where at once three passenger aircraft were near the super-fast UFO. The pilots talked to the controllers, but could not understand what was flying alongside their airliners for some time. After the reports of the pilots, a video of that alleged spacecraft appeared, which was taken quite accidentally by a DVR using a local driver. The video appeared on the Web a few days ago, but the pilots saw the heavenly “wanderer” on November 9th.

The incredible case of aliens who created bad weather conditions in Argentina put a "typeof =" foaf into a stupor for scientists: Image

Particularly interesting for ufologists turned out to be the case in New York, where a strange butterfly-like formation appeared. Many witnesses to the incident called the object a regular balloon, but after studying the video by experts it became clear that this was not the case. According to ufologists, a new-generation alien vessel got into the frame. This story happened on November 16 and is still being discussed on the World Wide Web.

On November 15, as UFO experts read, a famous spaceship assembled by humanoids, called the Black Knight, landed on camera. According to researchers, he watched the Falcon 9 rocket, which at that moment was sent into outer space.