The ISS crew will not be evacuated after the incident with a hole

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The ISS crew will not be evacuated after the incident with a hole

Earlier it was reported that in the Russian segment of the International Space Station an air leak occurred due to a microcrack, which was subsequently successfully patched. Despite the fact that the danger seems to have passed, some experts expressed support for the fact that the station’s crew must be evacuated due to a real threat to the lives of its members. But, as a source in the rocket and space industry told, at the highest level, the question of evacuating astronauts and cosmonauts was not raised.

If specifically, that the malfunction was identified in the domestic compartment of the manned spacecraft "Soyuz-MS", which docked to the station. For some time, the question arose about the safety of its use for sending to Earth. There is the possibility of replacing the aircraft, but it was decided not to do this.

The incident occurred on August 30. Specialists quickly found a place for a small hole and began to work on the elimination of serviceability. Two layers of special sealant were applied, and since then no relapse has occurred.

At the moment, experts have not yet been able to determine the exact cause of the cracks, but, most likely, it consists of a collision with an external object. It can be a small meteorite or space debris.