The legendary alien ship "Black Knight" followed the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

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The legendary alien ship "Black Knight" followed the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

On November 15, a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a Qatari communications satellite was launched from a spaceport in Florida (United States of America). A camera was installed onboard the aircraft, recording everything that happens around. The attention of experts was attracted by an incomprehensible object in the shape of a rock that sped pretty close to the rocket.

On a popular YouTube channel devoted to UFOs and other oddities, a video was published on the theme of what happened on the eve of the launch of the Falcon 9. The owner of the channel, Blake Cazns, said that what he saw in the video should stun everyone.

“We witnessed the launch of Falcon rockets many times, but for the first time it was recorded that some unidentified object was watching this event,” the source told Kazns.

Internet users, having familiarized themselves with the video, recalled the burning legend of the “Black Knight” – an alien spacecraft, which from time to time appears in the vicinity of our planet, making the hearts of ufologists tremble.

Other followers believe that the object that flew near the rocket has nothing to do with the aliens' tricks, because, most likely, this is the most common piece of space debris, which is more than enough in near-earth orbit.

For the first time, they started talking about a mysterious object back in 1958, when amateur astronomer Steve Slayton, watching the Moon, recorded something incomprehensible in space. The legend says that the “Black Knight” “registered” orbiting the Earth 13 thousand years ago. UFO then appears, then disappears with approximately identical intervals of time, while it emits strange signals, and the laws of physics are not written to him.

It was later established that the “Black Knight” is likely to be a piece of heat-shielding covering that was detached from the Endeavor shuttle. But the conspiracy theorists insist on the alien origin of the object and diligently promote this idea.

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