The researchers went to study the alien structures in Antarctica and disappeared without a trace

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The researchers went to study the alien structures in Antarctica and disappeared without a trace

The researchers, fascinated by issues related to the existence of an alien civilization, decided to equip the expedition in order to get better acquainted with the unusual structures in Antarctica, resembling pyramids. Experts in the relevant field suggested that the objects were man-made, and the aliens created them, however, during the scientific campaign, the connection with the experts was unexpectedly interrupted.

As you know, recently the continent has begun to thaw intensively, so much so that some of the structures, previously hidden behind thick layers of ice, were visible from space. The first such pyramids were seen in Antarctica in 2012 from a satellite that makes maps of our planet. Even then, employees of ufological companies took on this business, calling the objects something unearthly. However, to confirm or deny this opinion is possible only if the scientific luminaries appear next to them.

According to scientists, it is time to check the nature of the origin of conical phenomena, which became known six years ago. No such attempts have been made before to learn more about them, but will this expedition end safely? The disappearance of the scientific group caused a commotion in the Pentagon, who had undertaken to sponsor the campaign, in connection with which the American military was immediately sent for help. The search for conspiracy therapists began this summer, but so far the authorities have not achieved any success in this matter.

Unrecognized scientists have their point of view on this subject, which is very different from what the government says. At the moment, there is very little information in the media about the disappearance of the research team, but some Internet thinkers believe that the US military still found something. However, according to the Network's regulars, it turned out to be so mysterious that no one shared any information with the public.

Other experts who have taken up the theme of the strange pyramids in Antarctica have started talking about the legendary Atlantis – an ancient civilization that no longer exists. By the way, according to the legend, the Atlanteans are giants and its representatives still guard their buildings and can even kill for them. Especially imaginary Internet users have already begun to write that this is exactly what happened to the scientists who went there. Someone believes that those places are damned, therefore it is impossible to go there for any reason for this reason.

Skeptics, in their turn, do not see anything mysterious in this story. According to them, the members of the expedition simply froze to death, and it is worth noting that this situation is quite possible at the temperature of the place. By the way, it is still not entirely clear why the connection with the researchers was interrupted.

Previously, UFO experts said that there is an alien base in Antarctica, where "flying saucers" are stored. Among other things, unconventional scientists do not exclude that the newcomers could build under the ice and entire cities in which they have lived since ancient times.