The scientist told how aliens can actually look

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The scientist told how aliens can actually look

If you ask people what aliens look like, most will say that they are small creatures that are characterized by a large head, large dark eyes and feeble limbs. It is such very often that fantastic screens of Hollywood films show us from the screens. But the reality may be completely different, and this idea was made by the American scientist Michael Dowding, who told how the aliens actually look.

The specialist immediately stated that the aliens really exist, but they are not at all what people think. The biological world is incredibly diverse, and man is only one of the species, nevertheless, he is seriously dependent on the environment, so he is not able to live in extreme conditions. But there are creatures that can cope with extremely low or high temperature readings, high pressure, monstrous radiation and radiation without problems. We are talking about special bacteria.

Resistant microorganisms, called extremophiles, live on Earth, but Dowding is sure to live on other planets. Therefore, aliens can simply be bacteria, although such a truth is likely to be a complete disappointment for many people.