The spacecraft Cygnus went to the ISS with cargo

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The spacecraft Cygnus went to the ISS with cargo

The American launch vehicle Antares delivered the Cygnus "truck" into orbit. The start took place from the site on Wallops Island, Virginia. NASA on its official website provided Internet users with a live broadcast of the launch.

The spacecraft will deliver 3450 kilograms of cargo to the ISS. Docked to the station, Cygnus will be until July, and after undocking it will drift in orbit for another five months before going to be destroyed in the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

In addition to Cygnus, the rocket also launched several dozen experimental microsatellites created by the hands of students from American institutions from different states.

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The manufacturer of the Cygnus spacecraft is the Northrop Grumman company, which previously made contact with the American Space Agency for 11 launches. So Roger Chaffee, who just went to the ISS and named after the NASA astronaut Roger Chaffee who died in 1967, will be the last under the current agreement. In the autumn, a new contract will be signed, providing for six flights, under which a total of 20 tons of cargo must be delivered to the ISS.