The specialist called the things that people most often take for UFOs

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The specialist called the things that people most often take for UFOs

YouTube is full of colorful videos and UFO photographs, interviews of eyewitnesses who emotionally talk about a fateful meeting with alien ships, but in fact most of these cases have nothing to do with aliens. Sergei Zamozdra, a specialist and teacher at Chelyabinsk State University, said what people often confuse with aircraft from extraterrestrial civilizations.

Ordinary people do not want to understand much, so if they see any object in the sky whose nature they cannot explain, then they automatically consider it a UFO. According to Zamozdra, very often for the activity of aliens the light coming from Jupiter and Venus is taken, which takes the form of small dots that adorn the sky in the evening. In addition, the expanding clouds create a motion effect, which further misleads people. Many turned out to be cheated by ball lightning, which is a luminous ball shimmering in bright colors.

Weather balloons and Chinese lanterns also appeared on this list. These objects move across the sky smoothly and silently. The most common satellites are also often mistaken for an invasion of alien terrestrial territory. There have also been cases when people living near cosmodromes observed a suspicious glow in the sky, which was interpreted as signals from aliens. In fact, the glow comes from the rocket launched.