The strange color of the sky over the US scared the locals

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The strange color of the sky over the US scared the locals

The web is gaining popularity video, which captures the sky over the US state of Ohio, painted in a strange color. People cannot understand the nature of this phenomenon, and some even panic at all, considering that something terrible is happening with the cosmos.

The video was recorded by one of the residents of the city of Cleveland in the evening. The lilac shade of the firmament looks impressive. At this time, the man was in his car. He even pulled the camera out of the window to prove that there was no question of any distortion of the glasses.

"It's out of the window, just insane," the driver reacted emotionally to the heavenly spectacle.

The American published his video on YouTube on October 13th. During this time, the number of views exceeded 21 thousand. Then the author became interested in one of the most popular UFO-related channels and all sorts of strange events on our planet and beyond. The event in Cleveland was lit and there, having already collected much more views.

“This sky looks very suspicious. Something is definitely happening with the cosmos,” wrote one of the users.
"The purple sky is just some kind of madness. I confess it puzzled me because I could not find an explanation for this on the Web," added another.

And there are quite a few such comments. People say that they have never come across this before. Not without mention of the approaching of the mysterious planet Nibiru, which supposedly is about to end the days of the existence of mankind and of all living things in general. A couple of people remembered the stunning hit of the legendary singer and guitarist Prince called "Purple rain".

Still, several of the commentators have found, perhaps, a clue. According to them, the sky can be painted in a similar color before or after such natural phenomena as a thunderstorm, hurricane or tropical storm. This is due to the distortion of rain in the clouds.