The United States will be present on the moon on an ongoing basis.

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The United States will be present on the moon on an ongoing basis.

The United States is going to return to the moon after a half-century break and stay there forever. This was announced on the eve of Jim Brydenstein, director of the American Space Agency.

“Returning to the moon is one of our main goals now. And it will be completely different from the times of the Apollo program, because we will be there on a permanent basis, ”he said, speaking at a hearing in the subcommittee on trade, justice, science and related institutions of the United States House of Representatives. States of America.

Brydenstein explained that his words do not at all mean the constant presence of astronauts on the surface of the earth’s satellite. People, of course, will fly there regularly to conduct any scientific work, but robots, moon rovers and other equipment will “register” there.

The head of NASA noted that the Moon should be perceived as an excellent training ground to prepare for more serious space missions in the future. There, humanity learns to live and develop in absolutely new, unusual and harsh conditions, which is very useful during the colonization of Mars.

Last Tuesday, at the fifth meeting of the National Space Council in Alabama Huntsville, US Vice President Michael Pence said that American astronauts would return to the moon in the next five years. The new lunar program has become one of the main directions of the new administration of the country after the election of Donald Trump as president.