The video got horrible as the satellite Intelsat 29e collapses

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The video got horrible as the satellite Intelsat 29e collapses

On the Internet, footage appeared of how the orbital geostationary communication satellite, Intelsat 29e, owned by Luxembourg-based Intelsat, is being destroyed. The video was published on the YouTube channel ExoAnalytic Solutions Videos.

The material demonstrates how parts are separated from the spacecraft, which is accompanied by bright flashes. In total, the separation of fragments from Intelsat 29e lasted for four hours, after which a significant increase in the speed of its drift was recorded.

Intelsat has already admitted that something was wrong with the satellite. The cause of the malfunction may be hidden in a collision with space debris or a small meteorite. Specialists are currently trying to establish communication with the device.

About the malfunction of Intelsat 29e became known on April 7. It was found that the satellite propulsion unit was damaged with subsequent fuel leakage.

The Intelsat 29e satellite was delivered into orbit at the beginning of 2016 by the Ariane 5 launch vehicle launched from the site of the Kourou cosmodrome in Guinea (French department). The recommended lifetime of the device is 15 years.

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