Tourists will pay $ 55 million for a room in a space hotel

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Tourists will pay $ 55 million for a room in a space hotel

Axiom Space continues to work on creating a space hotel in which tourists will feel comfortable and safe during an exciting journey through orbital spaces. It is planned that the vessel will be ready for use in 2022.

It is worth noting that booking a room in such a hotel will cost a lot of money – $ 55 million, nevertheless this does not stop rich people, and they already reserve places.

Mike Suffredini, who is the head of Axiom Space, immediately warned that those hoping to see a chic and spacious cabin, such as hotel suites in the American metropolis, might be disappointed, because we are talking about a much smaller room. However, this should not be a priority for tourists, because they fly into space after another.

Having paid the indicated amount, the client will take a 15-day preparatory course, and then take his place in the mini-cabin, in which he will be able to enjoy space travel as much as possible. By the way, the designers plan to equip the hotel with a special dome, where it will be possible to make colorful selfies in the background of space, with which you can then do whatever your soul requires. Tourists will be pleased even with such delights as a variety of cocktails and other drinks.