UFO appeared during the women's football match in London, hit the video and hit the Internet

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UFO appeared during the women's football match in London, hit the video and hit the Internet

Unidentified flying objects, often called alien spacecraft, are constantly seen in different parts of the globe. At the same time, UFOs are often found to be in the context of some significant events in a particular area, and this time the alleged newcomers were seen during the women's football confrontation.

The mysterious anomaly of heaven manifested itself in London during a game at the Mido Park arena, located in Borhamwood, Hertfordshire. As the foreign press reports, during the match, which took place at night, a luminous ball suddenly appeared in the sky, which quickly became a topic for intensive conversations among Internet users.

The curious situation has become a matter of public thanks to a local who watched football on TV. Despite the fact that the young man was really passionate about the game, at some point he still noticed a strange formation in the airspace above the stadium.

At the same time, the guy turned on his mobile device and captured the phenomenon that hit him on the video, and then hurried to share the mysterious material with other people, unveiling a video clip on the open spaces of the popular YouTube service.

At first, the author of surprising content suggested that a rocket recently launched from a signal pistol appeared, or a firework display that did not really succeed, but then the British left this kind of thought, because something incredible happened. In particular, an incomprehensible glowing ball hovered in the air and remained motionless for a long time, after which it disappeared without a trace.

Now the creator of the video believes that a real alien vessel could have hit the lens. However, members of the notorious community of UFOmania, which by hook or by crook is trying to find out if we are alone in the Universe, could give a more accurate answer to the corresponding question.

Specialists involved in unidentified flying objects, familiarized themselves with the video and made the verdict, according to which an alien spacecraft actually appeared in the frame. Ufologists also added that the newcomers seem to love watching sports events taking place on the Blue Planet.

Among other things, the match in London could be especially interesting for the newcomers, since the representatives of the weaker sex played. By the way, the aliens did not want to watch the whole game, having evaporated in the dark long before the end of the confrontation of the girls.

Supporters of the traditional way of life, in turn, were not surprised at all when they watched a mysterious video. According to most skeptics who have unsubscribed to the material on YouTube about what happened, the observant viewer captured television drone camera on camera, recording the game on video from a bird's-eye view.

In this case, it is not entirely clear why the flying device, equipped with a camera, first shone, and then went off somewhere. No less interesting is the fact that the game from this angle was not shown on TV, and therefore this hypothesis of materialists does not hold up to criticism.

UFO invasion of the 2018 World Cup

As you know, last year in Russia, the FIFA World Cup was held, which interested not only the national team that unexpectedly performed well, but also the constant appearance of strange objects in the sky. UFO now and then distracted both spectators and athletes. There were so-called "flying saucers" and shortly before the start of the long-awaited sports event. And most of all they were seen in those cities where the competitions took place.