UFO appeared in the UK disguised as a cloud

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UFO appeared in the UK disguised as a cloud

In the UK, where unidentified flying objects are known to appear quite often, they again noticed something strange and resembling an alien spaceship in the sky. This time, witnesses of a mysterious event saw how the alleged "plate" of aliens disguised as a cloud. At the moment, you can find a video on YouTube with this phenomenon, vehemently discussed by fans of ufological science and incorrigible skeptics who have no doubt that this story has nothing to do with unearthly civilization.

A strange object was recorded in the resort Harrogate, which is located in North Yorkshire. He scared many locals who saw with their own eyes something really inexplicable. According to eyewitnesses, they even got the impression that aliens are going to conquer our planet. In this case, the size of an oval object hanging in the air for some time seemed especially frightening.

According to ufologists, the material in their hands is not fake, and the object itself in the video cannot be called a giant cloud, as it casts a shadow. Later, alternative scientists will talk about the details of the new study.