UFO appeared over the Imperial Palace in Japan, was photographed and hit the Internet

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UFO appeared over the Imperial Palace in Japan, was photographed and hit the Internet

As is known, on May 1, 2019, Narukhito became the new emperor of Japan, replacing the 85-year-old Akihito, who ruled the country from January 7, 1989 to April 30, 2019, however, as it turned out, this event was attractive not only for its historical format, but also that within the framework of the relevant ceremony representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization made themselves known. At least, ufologists have no doubt that it was their spacecraft that showed itself in the sky over Tokyo, having entered into a stupor not only ordinary citizens, but also law enforcement officers, who, naturally, had gathered quite a lot during an important moment.

As the domestic press reports with reference to the Japanese media, the mysterious object flew right near the Akasaka estate, where Naruhito lives with his kin.

The locals who came to congratulate the newly-made ruler of the Land of the Rising Sun were amazed at the turn of events and hurried to photograph an incredible object.

UFO appeared over the Imperial Palace in Japan, was photographed and hit the Internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

Now curious photos are gaining popularity in the virtual space, users of which actively share their hypotheses on this subject. Skeptics believe that there is nothing mystical and unearthly in the incident. Conspiracy the same, as always, have the opposite opinion.

Among other things, another UFO was spotted on the same day over the cemetery of Musakhino, where members of the royal family are buried.

“It seems that the aliens have arrived to congratulate the new emperor,” one of the users of the social network joked.

As for the skeptics, photos with an unidentified object over the Japanese capital did not make a special impression on them. According to people with a traditional view of the world, in reality, the earthly vehicle itself got into the frame. And someone even said that the hype raised the usual fake.

By the way, the last inference does not seem plausible, since the alleged vessel of the so-called humanoids was seen by many people with their own eyes, and they could hardly agree.

UFO appeared over the Imperial Palace in Japan, was photographed and hit the Internet "typeof =" foaf: Image

Alternative UFO scientists say that the newcomers like to appear within the framework of significant events on our planet, as evidenced by the FIFA World Cup, held in the Russian Federation in 2018.

As is known, in the course of those competitions over cities in which the confrontations were held, we constantly saw strange objects. An interesting arrangement of things even became a reason for jokes on the part of Internet users, who had long argued that aliens were interested in football, so it cannot be excluded that they will also fly to other championships.

Not really, however, it is clear why the aliens now became interested in politics. However, given the fact that the change of the Japanese emperor is extremely rare, we can conclude that the humanoids simply did not want to miss this opportunity.

UFOs in Japan are seen quite often.

It is worth noting that the alleged aircraft of an alien assembly in the Land of the Rising Sun appear quite often. For example, not so long ago a mysterious luminous body appeared above the volcano Asama, which is located on the island of Honshu. Prior to this, the UFO had made itself known near Fuji Volcano, and without such a well-known for its mystery.

What is interesting, ufologists explain such frequent visits of “flying saucers” near volcanoes by the fact that aliens built bases in their craters long ago. In this case, to prove an incredible hypothesis, none of them, of course, still could not.