UFO fell into the Canadian Lake Winnipeg, video incident

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UFO fell into the Canadian Lake Winnipeg, video incident

It's no secret that North America has long been considered a territory on Earth, where unidentified celestial bodies, often called ufologists by alien spacecraft, are most often seen, and the recent incident in Canada has become another proof of this conclusion.

An interesting event that occurred in the province of Manitoba, fell on the video of one of the witnesses. According to television news, an incomprehensible formation collapsed right in Lake Winnipeg. The young man, of course, shared a roller with the public, and also gave researchers the opportunity to understand the difficult situation. Did the so-called "green men" again reminded of themselves?

As the witness told the incident, the spectacle, captured by him on camera in broad daylight, was just incredible. However, anyone can verify this by going to the popular YouTube channel called UFOmania – The truth is out there, which has more than four hundred thousand subscribers, whose creators are simply obsessed with this kind of events and periodically post videos with various anomalies there.

The author of truly amusing content also added that he had never before seen such things, but other Canadians living near Winnipeg can tell a lot of interesting things. As it turned out, strange events more than once occurred at night.

“We rarely see such things during the day, but we came across this night. We have stories that are passing. Older fishermen have seen how fast moving objects disappear into the lake. In this case, the alleged alien ships do not even fake the crash, as it happened the other day, but just dive into the water. There is an assumption that they have a base in this lake, ”said the man who shot the UFO on video.

Do not forget to contribute to the mysterious story and another Canadian, who also saw it all with his own eyes.

“It was not immediately clear what was really happening: whether the alien ship fell into the lake, or some other object of unearthly origin. We can say for sure that the originality here lies in the fact that in our places this happens periodically. We have so many stories about UFOs that anyone will be surprised. And people don’t even talk about it, because they know that they are likely to be considered abnormal, ”the source told reporters.

Of course, it did not go without those who did not want to believe in all these incredible stories.

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At least, skeptics simply laughed at the last situation with a UFO falling into the lake.

"I always knew that this day would come, aliens are trying to steal our maple syrup," wrote one of the Internet thinkers who do not believe in aliens.

“I thought that I was the only one who assumed that they were going to steal all the maple syrup from us. It seems we just need to take all the maple trees and hide them where the aliens will not find. We have to do with someone’s help. It is necessary to call the army, fleet, aircraft. Call the police, fire department, ambulance, doctor, NASA, CIA, ”another channel follower supported the guy.

Researchers working on topics related to alien activity, in turn, expressed a completely different opinion about the incident in Canada. According to ufologists, a video with a celestial body falling into a lake of unknown origin, which absolutely definitely has nothing to do with a fake, clearly indicates the presence of aliens on our planet.

In addition, UFO experts have repeatedly said that “guests” from the galactic depths have long been walking among people. It is also not excluded that the newcomers have entire cities on the Earth under the ice and waters.

Other alleged disasters of aliens on Earth

A few days ago, a Russian explorer, Valentin Degtyarev, reported on the possible fall of a flying saucer in Antarctica. An unidentified oval-shaped object, lying on ice, the researcher noticed using the Google Earth application.

UFO fell into Canadian Lake Winnipeg, video incident "typeof =" foaf: Image

Prior to this, something similar to an alien ship was seen in Dublin Bay. An incomprehensible body floated on the water. According to one version, the saucer-shaped vessel of unearthly development was wrecked, while on the other, it simply moved, pursuing its specific goals.

Earlier, an object of the same type was found in Zimbabwe, after which ufologists decided to even equip an expedition to help humanoids who were in trouble and could die, since the point of the incident was in the middle of nowhere.