UFO in Russia: Experts study the incredible shots made in Kemerovo

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UFO in Russia: Experts study the incredible shots made in Kemerovo

The ubiquitous UFO, which in our time does not surprise even the inhabitants of Russia, who once considered something out of the ordinary even small "plates" in the sky, a few days ago made themselves felt again, and this time too the Russians. A strange formation, similar to a comet, eyewitnesses even photographed by downloading remarkable content to the World Wide Web.

The mysterious incident occurred in Kemerovo on December 3, after which it was intensively discussed in social networks. Among the commentators of the unexpected location of the cases there were many who spoke about the invasion of the so-called humanoids. The local ufologists also flashed the thought that the townspeople saw the very spacecraft of an unearthly assembly.

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Interestingly, a little earlier the public announced that a missile was launched against the ISS. However, the main part of the followers still do not consider the object caught in the lens as a creation of people.

Skeptics, of course, have no doubt that at this moment, as always, before, especially imaginary persons are discussing something quite explicable. Researchers, in their turn, are also not sure that the recorded UFO is an ordinary rocket. By the way, the investigation of this case by ufologists continues at full speed.

First, we recall, the domestic press published the shocking news that Russian soldiers were turned into a stone by newcomers.